Spirits in the House - Review from 20th Century Guitar Magazine

Reprint from 20th Century Guitar Magazine
October 2004 Issue

Kenn Fox - Spirits In The HouseTrue to the title of his 2004 CD, Spirits In The House, Kenn Fox evokes the feel of guitar greats like Michael Hedges, Davey Graham and John Fahey. On his fifth instrumental CD, Spirits, Fox keeps the settings sparse, yet he vividly gets his point across-with able support from Dave Finley (bass) and Randy Mueller (drums) -- on fifteen tracks of acoustic-based instrumental guitar magic.

As cool as his acoustic forays are, the other side of Fox is readily explored on a dazzling 2003 album with his group Voltage Unit, entitled Send. Assisted again by drummer Mueller and percussionist Raj Alwa, Send is a most masterful CD that blends in the vibe of King Crimson, achieving a heady mixture of electrifying guitar-based progressive sounds.

As a principal founder of Spiritone Records, Fox brings a range of performance and production skills to the table.





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