Mare Edstrom

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 Who is Mare Edstrom?

Mare Edstrom has taken a musical road with many unexpected twists and turns, beginning with church music from age 10, rock bands from age 14, classical training from age 8 into college, a successful career as a blues vocalist and recording artist beginning in 2004, lead singer of renowned Celtic band Kellswater Bridge, and now leader of Christian rock trio Roots and Wings, performing all-original music by Mare and partners Rev. Jared Furnish (The Snake River Ramblers) and Rebecca Gilbert (founder of Kellswater Bridge).

As owner of Spiritone Records with guitarist/producer Kenn Fox, the couple has released 47 recordings as of 2021, many having received recognition on the world stage for Mare's outstanding vocal performances and Kenn's excellent production and guitar work. Both lifelong artists have also had thriving teaching studios for decades in conservatories and music stores throughout Southeastern Wisconsin, settling now primarily at their own Anam Music Studio in Watertown, Wisconsin.

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