Mare Edstrom and Kenn Fox - Way Beyond the BlueWay Beyond the Blue has been named amond the TOP 50 BLUES ALBUMS of 2012 by Radio  KRIZEVCI - Blues For You (Croatia).




The Midwest Guitar Trio recording "Harbor Sky" was chosen as the featured song by the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity.



Kenn Fox - Path of Least ResistanceSpiritone Records is releasing a Kenn Fox retrospective CD titled Path of Least Resistance on June 1. This collection draws from 10 albums over 15 years of recording. All selections are original compositions selected by Kenn Fox showcasing both his solo fingerstyle work and his collaborations with other Midwest artists.

More info can be found at or on the album information page on this site.


A CD release concert is scheduled for August 4, 2012; click here.





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